A professional residential cleaning service specializes in things around your home such as cleaning kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. Cleanliness is on everyone’s minds. That’s why keeping your home clean is a crucial step to living healthy, relaxed and stress free. Every home is different so we customize our service to your needs. Our professional cleaners are fully equipped to meet not only your daily and weekly cleaning needs but also to cater to emergency and last minute cleaning demands brought by unexpected situations. Our professional cleaners adhere to strict safety policies and highest level standards of cleaning technology and quality, developed by our company. We clean everything from small apartments to big houses and mansions, high ceilings and hard to reach areas with professional equipment.

You can always rely on our coordinated teamwork to make your home sparkling clean. Constant exposure to hazardous harsh chemicals traditional cleaning companies often use, may have adverse effects on health and environment. That’s why we use only non-hazardous, eco-friendly cleaning supplies that are safe for humans and pets, surfaces, water and air. Hypo-allergenic, do not contain any dyes or scents, are neutral in pH and non-toxic.

Our employees are equipped with steam cleaners to exceed your expectations and perform the ultimate clean. Our Steam Clean System guarantees safe and high quality disinfecting and cleaning of your home.

Professional Cleaning Company is a reliable, thorough, personalized and consistent partner in your every residential cleaning need.